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The only international airport in Uganda is Entebbe International, around a 40 minute taxi ride from the capital, Kampala. Kenya’s main airport is in the capital, Nairobi. However you arrive into Africa, in most circumstances the Ugandan capital city of Kampala should be your ultimate destination before travelling to the south west town of Fort Portal; the closest town to the orphanage.

However, if you plan to travel through Rwanda and/or Burundi, northwards to Uganda, then it is possible to bypass Kampala and head straight to Fort Portal. This route will typically be taken by people returning from a gorilla trekking experience in the Virunga mountain range (a National Park encircling the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC). See ‘Arriving from Rwanda


From Entebbe you need to take the approximately 45 minute special hire (taxi) ride towards Kampala. Beware; taxi drivers always overinflate the price to new arrivals. Be sure to negotiate the price down to around USh 30,000. Realising that most prices in East Africa are negotiable is an important lesson, and bartering is an essential skill, so it is good to put it to practice straight away. Don’t worry that you will offend the locals, they will be expecting it and it is actually a pretty enjoyable experience. Alternatively, you could jump in a white minibus, or matatu, which is cheaper but probably less safe and slower.

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