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Buses are probably the safest form of road transport in Uganda. In addition to buses most major routes are covered by a regular stream of white minibuses, matatus, which have no set departure times, but simply leave when they are full (every 10-30mins on busier routes). It is no longer the case that matatus are significantly faster than buses but the drivers tend to be more reckless. Admittedly, cramming up to 20 people and optional animals into a matatu can be a fun, character building exercise.

However, on the long-haul journeys, the amount of RTAs involving matatus precludes our endorsement of these mini-buses.

Special hire (normal taxis) involve hiring a vehicle privately. Beware of people at matatu stations that say there are no vehicles going to where you want. Usually they are trying their luck, since special hire taxis cost more. If you organise a special hire,  bargain hard and stay safe. Try not to take them alone or late at night.

If you arrive into Kampala after 2pm then we advise that you stay here overnight; mainly because few, if any, buses run after that time, and you would arrive in Fort Portal after sunset.  We can recommend both the Kampala Backpackers on Natete Road (+256 (0)414 274767) and Red Chilli Hideaway on Sunderland Road (+256 (0)414 223 903). Both offer standard hostel and campsite facilities but you will have  to jump on the back of a boda-boda (motorbike) to get there as they are both 15 minutes out of town (don’t pay more than USh 10,000). Both are very friendly, reasonably priced, serve great food and are crawling with Mzungus. Having stayed there many, many times, Backpackers is our preferred hostel.

The 300km-long road from Kampala to Fort Portal has recently been resurfaced and the drive takes around 4 hours. The Kalita Coach leaves from the central bus station on Nakivubo Road at 07:00, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. It should be noted that the bus will not leave until it is full, therefore, we suggest catching the earliest buses as they will fill up fairly fast. We also think there is a bus around 16:00 too but cannot confirm this. Unfortunately we have no contact information but assure you that when you get to the station you will have no trouble finding the Fort Portal bus. For further information just ask the reception guys at either hostel.

Alternatively, the Post Bus leaves from the central post office on Kampala road at 08:00 daily except Sundays: +256 (0)41 4236436  mobile +256 (0)772 357427.

Note that bus timetables are subject to change. Check before travelling. We believe the Kalita bus is faster than the post bus but not having been on the latter, we cannot confirm this.


If you make Pastor John Bosco (the proprietor of the orphanage and campsite) aware that you will be arriving in Fort Portal he will be happy to pick you up himself (for the price of the petrol). Try to let him know an expected time the day before and then confirm on the day. However, even if you are not volunteering you are simply planning to stay in Fort Portal for a night or two, then we are sure he will also arrange a pick up for you. His number is +256 (0)782779910 and email: pastor.bosco@yahoo.com or pastor.bosco@enfuzicommunitycampsite.com.

If you arrive late into Fort Portal we can recommend the aptly named Exotic Lodge centrally located near Stanbic Bank to the left of the statue of Sir Gerard Portal (his left!).  It is very basic but very cheap (c.$3) and well located, with nets and common showers. Upmarket digs include the Rwenzori Travellers Inn with restaurant, internet, hot water etc!!!  This is up the Kasese Road near the Shell Garage, 5 minutes walk from the central statue: email: ruview@africaonline.co.ug, +256 (0)4834 22102. Note it is about $50 per night!

If the Pastor is otherwise busy then the 35minute ride through the green, rolling hills and lush tea-plantations on the back of a boda-boda is an immensely enjoyable experience.  Ask for the Enfuzi Community Campsite near Lake Nkuruba and most boda-boda drivers will take you there for less than USh15,000 if u bargain hard! The campsite/orphanage is along the road parallel to Kampala Road heading towards Kasese and Kibale Forest and past the main hospital, and mental asylum (!) in Fort Portal.

Note that the ENFUZI COMMUNITY CAMPSITE is situated immediately around the corner from the Lake Nkuruba Community Campsite. Be sure to request the former to the boda-boda driver as these two sites are often confused.

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